About me

Hello, my name is Calista DeCesaro, and I am the photographer behind the lens. I found myself in love with the arts as soon as I could properly hold a pencil. I decided to make photography my main focus because of all the joy I get to bring into peoples' lives on a daily basis! I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember but it wasn't until 2016 that I finally decided it was time to take the leap. I closed my eyes, opened my aperture and jumped off the edge into the exciting world of DSLRS.  Some online photography classes, time spent in actual classrooms with highly qualified instructors and many many hours of practice later,  I am very proud of what I have become! Throughout the last few years I have tweaked and chiseled my own style of shooting and retouching. 

I have a bond with sweet tea, I love the smell of fall leaves and dancing in the rain. I am lively, eccentric, and enjoy putting smiles on peoples' faces (even if it is by hollering insane sounds and jumping around!)

I find peace in being outdoors with my four furry critters, working with my other amazing photographer friends and getting lost on the trails atop my trusty steed. Getting the opportunity to work with new and friendly people all the time is such a blessing... I love my job! I capture the best pieces of someone's life and turn them into works of art. Your precious moments are art from my heart!


While I love photographing the love between a family, my true passion is equine photography! There is something almost magical about the beauty of the thousand pound animal we all know as a horse. Power and Grace. Softness and Strength. It is easy to get lost in the mechanics of the way they move and their powerful muscles under sleek shiny coats. Horses have a way of connecting to people and bringing out emotions that words can often not describe. Those are the connections and emotions that have most inspired me in my photography journey!  


I invite you along on my journey of remembrance for some of the best times of our lives! Allow me to help document your family's journey; from the love between the hearts of your family to the bond only a horse rider can share. Document it all...every single little detail. An investment into preserving your family's legacy through portraits is one that is never regretted, but cherished for many generations to come! 

Let's work together

Email: maneframephotograph@gmail.com               Phone:  719-482-5838

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